So This is Happening

Spotted: Jeannie Clary finally getting up the nerve to start a blog.

This blog has been lingering in the various corners of my mind for SO long. I’m a writer, a public relations consultant and an over-thinker, so my brain feels like it’s always humming with thoughts waiting to bust out. But I couldn’t put my finger on needed to do – ridiculous for someone as familiar with blogs as I am.

Then yada yada yada, I’m blogging now.

And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never t — Wait. Strike that. Unlike “Gossip Girl” I will actually be sharing a lot about myself, so I suppose an introduction is in order.


Image credit: Deja View Photography

Hi! It’s me, Jeannie.

Right now, it feels like it’s going to be a little broad. I’ll share stories about how I shoehorned my career into something that would work with two kids and an airline pilot husband, and what it’s like balancing that with mom-life, leading a volunteer organization and living with a chronic illness. I’ll make references to shows (I make no apologies for referencing “90210,” “Dawson’s Creek” or “The Good Place” too much, so be aware) and songs and post GIFs. I’ll let you know about products and brands I’ve fallen hard for, and share links to clothes that make me want to cry.

This will go live before I’m ready, but let go and let God, amiright? So in the immortal words of Liz Lemon…

Let's do this Liz Lemon

Image credit: NBC Universal/Little Stranger, Inc.



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